Me, Myself & I

How do you write about yourself?
I love photography. I love to write. I love the idea of love, and the sorrow & happiness that dwells with it.
There is so much to life, as long as you are living it, and living it while being true to yourself.
I love to sing, and write music. I’m the creative type.
Very much the girliest girl alive….while being super loud, and blunt to the core. I see things for how they are.
I very much believe in mean what you say, say what you mean. Otherwise, what are you doing?
When I love someone, I love them to the core, flaws & all.
When I’m upset, I’m beyond devastated.
Yes, that’s extreme, but it’s because I feel things deep to my soul. I express everything I feel.
I don’t see the point in not being real, even if it brings heartache or utter truth to the surface.
What you see, is what you get with me. Realist.
California Born & raised.

My blog is strictly for me. My online diary of my life, feelings, emotions, pictures, thoughts, statements, anger, happiness, and the rest of what life brings.
Read my blog, & your reading about my heart.



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