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All Those Feels?

Very often, people are taught to choose behaviors based on what “feels right” without realizing that whatever they’re used to, will “feel right”. That doesn’t make it the best choice though.

I’ve in the past two years, been through the worst times that so far in my adult life, I’ve faced and gone through things, that I would never wish for anyone to go through, not even my worst enemy. I am a deep emotionally driven person, with a lot of passion about everything I think and feel.

I’ve needed to learn and still do, need to learn to stop responding to every single feeling I have. Feelings are not facts, and many of them are random and meaningless and would pass if I allowed them to. Not everything warrants a response. I need to evaluate things before I respond to them.

We all need to learn the difference between being self-aware, and self-monitoring to the point of shifting our personality. Sure, you want to be conscious of how your actions can affect other people, but when it gets to the point of what will give you the most acceptance over who you genuinely are, you’ve lost yourself. I’ve lost myself. I understood myself only after I destroyed myself. And only in the process of fixing myself, I am trying to really know who I really was. Rock bottom became my foundation of rebuilding my life.

Think less, live more. Talk less, just do more. Stop talking about what you’re going to do, and channel all that energy into actually doing it, whether this means, you’re going to think before you speak, or that you think of other’s before you do something, or whatever it is, just actually do it. Celebrate your accomplishments, but be able to put your head back down the next day to keep working.


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