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Its’ something you do, it’s a choice, it’s an action.

Relationships. What are keys to a peaceful relationship? A relationship that adds to your life, and doesn’t take away from your life. Everyday in every relationship, you are planting seeds, and you’re going to reap what you sow. You’re planting seeds of trust, or distrust, planting anger or peace, planting love or hate? Be wise. Do it the wise way. Wisdom is the art of being able to overlook. Overlook feelings, and try to understand why. Overlook and try to see outside of your own life and problems, so you can provide grace, and mercy to those who need it.  Also over look what you should let go of, and be wise about the seeds you choose to plant with whom you plant.

The foundation of all good relationships is integrity. Wisdom starts in the heart, not in the head. No trust = no relationship, all trust is built on truth, if you don’t have truth, you don’t have trust, you don’t have trust and you don’t have a relationship. If you have to hide anything, then automatically its not right.

Love is honest, even when it’s hard. Truth is necessary.

It’s about RESPECT. It’s about knowing the seeds you planted with whom, and taking care of each of them accordingly. Do unto others as you would do to you. The golden rule of all respect. Respect the one you choose, and respect the feeling of needing to feel secure within.

It shouldn’t be so hard when you’re in love with someone enough to know what they expect from you, because of what they give you.






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