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New Book!!!

It’s 2017! So I am currently reading this book everyday. It posts something new each day & is 365 days long! I’m making a commitment to read each entry. It has ideas, healthy recipes, thoughts, brain excercise, inspirational quotes… you name it. So far, I love it!!!! I will post on my blog when it pertains to something I can write about to create a new post! Like today!!

Play to your strengths!

People who regularly use one of their personality strengths in a new way every day for a week have higher happiness and lower depression levels in the long term. 

Identifying and building on your strengths will help you value yourself and encourage you to reach your highest potential. 

Think about: 

What is something every day you enjoy doing? What would you say you enjoy the most and why?

Thinking back to when you were young work or are your best times? What were you doing?

What are you doing when you feel most alive and full of energy?


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