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Easy? Effortless?

When it’s real it’s effortless?

Did I really just read that? I don’t believe that to be true. AT ALL. Everything in my life has been real, and has taken major effort. Loss, Love, Health, Friendships, Marriage, Relationships, Jobs, Finances, etc… I could keep going…..

& that’s really just it. Nothing comes easy. NOTHING. It may for some, but not everyone is the same. My life has been pretty different from others, and they could say the same of me…..

Things shouldn’t be so hard? Right, they shouldn’t be, but guess what? Sometimes they are. My surgery recovery wasn’t supposed to be that hard, but it was FOR ME. My surgeon even was amazed at how much struggle I went through. So I really wish people would stop trying to make out my life and my situations as “oh it shouldn’t be that hard”…. because for me it always has been, that’s how I have stayed strong. It’s how I’ve learned things, and it’s taught me to stand up for myself even at times.



Just like a good marriage is worth fighting for….. a good grade is worth extra studying…..a better position in a career is to get a real degree…..a friendship is worth the constant communicating. In life, what you really want will never come easy. NEVER.

Do unto others as you would do unto yourself, love your enemies, WE ARE CALLED to do a lot of hard things in life….so please STOP saying, things should be easy and flow….. it takes, patience, kindness, love, grace, mercy, understanding, communication, etc… to make anything work.

….& what is best for me, is what is best for me & may not be best for YOU. What I want in life, may not be what you want in life. So that’s why we are called to love and not try to judge or accept anyone’s life but our own because we are all on different path’s. I am going through hell and for a reason. Maybe to make me stronger, maybe to show me something, maybe to show someone else something….I don’t know. But I will take one day at a time, and make no promises to anyone for what I choose & why. You either love and me and support me, or you can choose to miss out on ME. Because I AM TRYING. I AM SURVIVING HOW I KNOW HOW TO FOR ME.


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