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Trying to Still Understand

There is a lot I just don’t understand from people. Why make life harder than it already is? What is your benefit in doing so? I’ll never understand some. Frankly, I’m really done trying to understand. I have a hard time believing anyone now days. Everyone so busy looking out for themselves, they forget who they step on along the way. I guess I’ve done things in my life to deserve this, how they say,
“what you allow is what will continue.”  Well true.

What is genuineness? Who is real?

The only thing I’m good at lately is putting up walls, to protect myself from people who want to make my life harder than what I need it to be. Walls to protect me from being disappointed or let down. I’m unsure who has a best interest, and if it’s for them or me?

I really can’t believe words, or letters. I can only believe one’s actions seen with my eyes. They say to trust people you have to be willing to trust, but how hard is that?

Some people aren’t capable of what others are.Some don’t learn, while some learn and don’t care. If we tried hard to listen as much as we talk, then maybe we could understand and some of the problems wouldn’t exist.

Everyone wants to talk, and not listen & some want to talk then realize no one is listening.

My dilemma is, that I talk, and then I’m reminded why I should’ve stayed silent in the first place. So I’ve become a great listener.


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