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Stay Hidden.

Today was a rough day.

To all my followers, I’ve deleted my Twitter for a long while, as well as my Facebook. I just need a break from Social Media, and people seeing me, or knowing so much…. I’m going through a rough patch with feelings & thoughts. I’ve really just need to stay hidden and hide from the world at the moment. It’s been such a release being in control of my life…& what I put out there, and what I don’t. Right now, I need to be able to breath, and not be scared of being hurt, or wonder what’s going to happen next. I need contentment, and happy thoughts. I’m tired of being afraid, and sad.

I will continue to post on here, because this is therapy for me. This is freeing for me to have a blog, where I can write whatever I need to….and right now anything that makes me feel better is what I need. I’m so happy they say time heals all wounds. Time is what I need.

Love to all my followers!!!! XOXO



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