Whatever you’re chasing…..

Remember that the brightest of lights will not be in the fireworks above you, in the cities or in the stars. They will be burning inside you and all the people you love. Stop and listen to their laughter, the conversations which morph into a chorus encompassing the night. Close your eyes, quieten your heartbeat, and stay in that space.Take the time to tell your friends you love them. Let them know you value everything they are.This might not be your year. This might not be your time. But this is your moment, though. Live in it. Love in it. Shed your old skin and the scars you collected, forget where they came from. But remember where you’ve been and how you’ve earned every single one. Find someone who can see the sunrise in you. Someone who searches all the dark places inside and says ” This is quite alright.” Take them, wrap your arms tightly around them and never let go. Be at ease with yourself, your life and know that you are enough. You were always enough. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t be lighting up the sky of everyone around. If you can do this, you won’t need resolutions, you’ll need more books, more art, more ways to describe how beautiful the people around you make your life in every possible way. Whatever it is you’re chasing, I hope you find it in your arms all along.


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