Lies, Life, Love

Burn it Out.

I was one of those people who couldn’t fall asleep without being tightly wrapped in sheets & blankets.

Sheets that covered all my flaws & insecurities.

Blankets that kept me safe from danger at night.

& not the dangers that go bump in the night; dangers that I created.

The ones that never seem to go away.

Then You.

You came & tore down my wall. I let you in, all the way.

I let you unwrap my flaws & see my insecurities…

Then You.

Created more than already existed.

Made my fears worse which haunted me at night.

You never let them fade away.

Your body perfectly intertwined with mine, only to make me feel more alone, when you left.

Your voice lingered through the air, and now I hope to never again hear it.

Your breath used to slowly creep down my neck, and now I cover up completely.

You left me to drown in my newly created insecurities…. And exposed flaws.

I thought I fully understood the meaning of this love when you stole my kiss & my heart, only to be left with a huge hole, and a sea of lies to try to swim through.

Played me like a strong music note.

You found me, allowed me to fall into a disgusting-unhealthy love, that now I want burned out of me.

I don’t want to spend another thought on any of it.

Time will help me with this.  I’m getting there.

all…..will soon be burned out of me.



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