Reader’s Note.

I am a Dreamer. I write what I feel. I feel what I write. When I post things, it’s because they matter, and mean something to me. I can be miss-understood, and taken completely wrong all the time. I like to have a blog, so I can get my thoughts written out, so they don’t stay in my head. This is my online diary. Some of it’s pretty private, while some of it, is very public. If you ever don’t understand what the message is…it may not be for you. If it gets you, straight to your soul, it was meant for you.

A lot of what I post, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, or on my blog is mostly pessimistic. It’s because it’s the way I’m wired. I will always see my glass at half empty. It’s work for me, to see it half full. If you don’t understand that, please don’t read my posts, because you don’t know me, otherwise.

I feel like I post what’s real. What’s real to me, may not be real for you. I post truth. I post MY truth. Some can handle it, and accept it being me, who I am, & what I feel. Some can’t, and if you can’t, this isn’t meant for you.

I love all my readers, comments, views, etc. If you ever don’t understand my post or me, and are curious, all you need to do is ask & you shall receive what it is you’re looking for.

Until then-Don’t judge.



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