So since, I’ve decided to change direction in my life. I’ve been thinking of things I would like to do, things to accomplish, tackle, or even try. My goal for this next year is to be aggressively ambitious & push for those things I know I can do. I’m going to make sure, I spend the new year making these things happen, and not just talking about them. I’m going to quit doing what people expect. I’m going to do some pretty out there things, for what consider to be “out there” for “me”. I want to be different. I want to be more. I want more. I know I can get there. I’m going to list some of my things on this blog, so I can look back and check in with myself, and make sure I’m staying true.

1. Sing more….put music more back in my life.
2. Learn a new instrument. Piano. I need lessons.
3. Start a personal scrapbook, of memorabilia.
4. Continue to write my dreams down in my book.
5. Photograph more.
6. Go places outside of Longview & this life, and photograph them
7. Travel. I want to save & visit New York.
8. Go to Museums.
9. Go to as many concerts as I can.
10. Organize my computer room.
11. Learn more about reading music.
12. See more of the Coast.
13. Spend more time with my Papa.
14. Start Painting again.
15. Meet new people & consider them friends.


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