Figuring it Out.

Last night I learned a few things.
Life is definately not easy. The best kind of lessons are the ones you can only learn from. I’ve learned that not everyone knows my heart.
I have also learned, that some things are better left unsaid. I am a very black and white person. I say what’s on my mind, especially when asked. But you know- it’s not always a good thing to say what you really feel, or what you really think. Not everyone can handle it.
& that’s okay, because everyone is different, and everyone handles things differently. It’s what makes us individual.

However, after going through things in my life I’ve been through, either with situations, & people-my mind get’s really clear, it changes me. I begin to figure out people, and what they really stand for, & who they are. Colors for me, become crystal clear.
I feel like my mind is really at the clearest point it’s ever been at, & I’m really happy about that. It’s really time for me to step outside of certain situations, and let them be, and know that I can’t change them. I need to realize that it is, what it is, and it’s probably the way it’s always going to be-that being either people, situations, circumstances, ideas, things said, etc.
People don’t change as much as we like to think. You simply either learn to accept them, try and love them for who they are, or you try to still love them, but not have them in your life, so you can continue to grow, be with out drama, & surround yourself with the good.
Finally figuring it out- it’s extrememly clear to me.


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