This is the “Real” Me.

This is me. The real me.
Because for a long time… I’ve been living the wrong way. I’ve done things in my life, that are regrets &
I’m thankful the Lord forgives & I can be free from that.

Even through these 7 years of my marriage Ryan and I have had our toughest of tough && it’s all because we for awhile there for not making God our center, we lost our faith and trust that he would take care of us, and took matters into our own hands. I lost interest in Ryan for awhile, and we ignored each other, and I was making other things my center of attention rather than my relationship with him and God.
This is what hurts me the most, to know I’ve allowed myself to do this very thing.
Ryan and I are stronger now than we have ever been, and it’s all because of what God is doing in our lives now, and it’s because we’ve given our relationship and marriage back to the Lord, and we are leaning on him again, and each other…. && it’s awesome! =]
I am a Christian. Always been a Christian && I absolutely love God with all my heart. I believe that he did die on the cross for my sins & I believe that he the way, the truth, and the life.&. I love that HIS love endures forever. I know with God in my life, all my dreams & things are possible.

I woke up this morning & just saw how my life has been going & I’m not happy. So I need to make some BIG changes & it’s going to be hard, but it’s something that has weighed on my heart. I haven’t been exactly walking with the Lord like I should have…. So please pray for me.
Ryan and I are together for a reason, and our relationship & marriage is the way it is because God has always been right there waiting for us to just take in more of him. We haven’t been to church in a long time. & I miss it so much I can’t even describe it.

I’m sick of the worldly ways & all the drama that comes with it. I’m sick of not doing devotions and not praying enough && not listening to the right music. I know what is right and wrong & this is what is right. && It’s right for me.
I want to be able to know when I die I’m going to heaven & that God could look back on my life & be proud… to say I was a Child of God & I did my best living my life for him.
I would like to apologize for any stumbling I might have done towards anyone. I want to apologize for not showing you who God really is and what he is all about through living my life for him. And him alone.

Because In all of your ways, if you acknowledge him- he will direct your path.
I know he has a path for me & I know that this path…. Is the right one.

So if you could keep me in your prayers… that would be such a blessing.

Proverbs 3:3


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