Why Me?

Today hasn’t been a good day. This week, hasn’t been a good week. I feel like I’m fighting life right now. I am fighting to feel good. At this point in my life, this is the sickest I’ve been in all my years. I’m tired. What does good feel like? What does feeling healthy feel like? I could post all the things I’m struggling with now physically, and health wise, but this blog would be way to long. I just can’t seem to get a break. This is the most misreable I’ve felt in a long time, & to be really honest, I’m really scared. The past two days, have been my worst. My stomach seems to be much more agressively angry. I don’t know what to do anymore, what to eat, what to NOT eat. I’m not sure, who is right, and who is wrong….with everything the media, family, friends, etc tell me….I’m not sure any of it works.
I feel destined to feel sick for the rest of my life. I’m only 28 years old, and have more medical problems, than most….so the future scares me.
Not sure, what is going to happen next. All I know is that I would like to know why me? Why do I have to feel sick all the time? Why am I the one, that just can’t seem to get healthy?
It’s dis-rupting my life, and I am ready to give up. I actually believe that I subconciously already have. It’s too hard to care, and put all the effort into striving for good health. This seems to be my destiny….until things decide to change. Yes, I’ve been praying for months. I’ve been crying on my knees for an answer, and somehow I just don’t have it yet, and I’m still tired.
I don’t really want to work anymore, I don’t want to really do anything anymore….it seems to take too much effort.
Lord, I am need of an answer. When will this be over?? Why me?


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