Dreams, Ideas, Inspiration, Poetry

I want to Be.

I want to be this great person.
Do great things; see it all.
I want to be something & not fall.

I want to show my work to everyone
Change someone’s life through my experience.
My song be heard with my voice loud.
The story be told & seen- to some girl who wants everything.

I want my thoughts shared
All my dreams un-compared.
Aspirations so high & un-held
That someone would have to be silent to hear how much I cared.

I want people to be proud
& to not be just another girl.
Someone who made it through this world
But to be a girl with a dream
That gave someone else hope & Love.

I want to love unconditionally
Live excellently
Laugh uncontrollably.
Share myself emotionally.

I want to dream my dream loud
Sing my song Proud
Write my story for a big crowd.
Hope for the best
Pray for the rest.
Stand Tall
Stand for those all.
Live & Love always.

I have a hard time explaining myself; I think you might find out who I am


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