Completely Lost.

As it is right now, I have much going on in my life. I have major health issues going on, that are taking over my life. I have some opportunities coming my way, that I’m not sure of which ones to take. I am very stressed out, tired, and just plain over-whelmed. I am hoping, through prayer, and the Word-for the Lord to show me, where to go, and what path to choose. It’s just very hard to go through all this & have that “unsure” feeling.

I want to make myself proud, and others around me proud…all the while being happy with my choice. So what to choose? I’ve been un-happy for quite some time, and really just want to take a leap of faith & really go after my heart’s desire… but is the timing right for such a huge leap?

I feel completely lost, and mind boggled about the plethora of things going on in my life, spiritually, mentally, and physically. So if you think of me, please say a prayer for me. This-now- is when I need it the most.

In the Lords will-

Lis ♥


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