Who is my Mother?

 There is, without a doubt, no one in this world who is like my Mother.

She loves unconditionally & listens when you need her most. She forgives, even when it’s hard.  My mom is the change you wish to see in the world. She always makes time for her family. I love that her whole being is selfless. Her actions can speak louder than words; her words run deep & stay with you. She falls in love with my dad every day.  She is his perfect fit.  When she laughs, she laughs until it hurts. When she cries, she cries likes she bleeding.  She is my breath of fresh air. She is forever thankful & understanding. Her clear eyes & full heart won’t ever lose. She doesn’t judge & is merciful. She can close her eyes & let it go. She teaches to never give up & see’s the beauty in every situation & circumstance. She will defend her family until the end as thick as thieves. She loves your imperfections & is optimistic. She makes you want to be yourself & become a better version of it. My Mother creates meaningful things. When is get’s bad, she is the first to lend her hand & heart. A very determined woman; she perseveres.  Her willingness to love & show others love runs over. She has taught me to love, breathe & hope. She lives the golden rule. My mother is human & the best version of it. My mother is passionate & strong. She loves her parents unreservedly. She is the “suffer on the inside type”, so she can portray her strength for you on the outside. She can be vulnerable. She wishes she was closer with her sister, the way we taught to be. Her girls are everything to her & it shows every day. She is precise & a perfectionist. She believes in doing something with your whole heart. All of this still isn’t even enough to begin to explain who MY Mother is, but this is what she means to me & so much more.  

Mother, I love you with my whole heart & am so thankful you are in my life, just how are.


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