Life, Love

Thanksgiving to Me…..

Thanksgiving to me, is the one of the most important days. It’s a day to really think about all that you have- be grateful & appreciative for everything & everyone in your life. It’s also to those who built the foundation of our land; to those who died keeping our country free. Be thankful for having the home of the brave, & living in the land of the free.


I am so eternally grateful for my family. They have been there for & with me through thick & thin. My mother being my best friend & being so understanding-listening & learning my every fault, thought, & care. My father for being my hero & showing me his wisdom & being there everyday- in every situation I ever needed him for & more. I love them more than what they could ever really know- They truly have my utmost respect & love.


My sister’s are beautiful, talented & loving. They are my LIFE LINES. Kristy for being so creative, real, & unconditional. Rachel for being so giving of herself, & intuitive, strong & loving. They are amazing people, and I’m so glad we are forever close. I love you both.


Finally, & certainly the most wonderful man in my life- Ryan. I couldn’t make it in this world with out you. You are my other half. You make me want to be a better person. You love me in all my faults & short-comings. I don’t know what I would do with out you in my life. We will forever be so in love. I can’t wait to spend my life with you & only have each day to love you more, than what I already do. I am so thankful I met you & that you have the honor of being your wife. I love you baby-always will.




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