Just Be

Didn’t I tell you how this would be.
I said it would hard.
Life isn’t easy. Death is peaceful.
If you’re not willing to accept it; leave it.
I need you to realize this is me, this is how I breathe.
I take it all in, and hold onto it until it breaks me.
I tried to make it be different….
wanted it to be something more, but I just make this what I want.

I’ve been living this way for awhile.
thinking what I feel is harder than you really understand.
love is what you make it.
I want so much for everything to just be what it should.
I can’t breathe, and I’m suffocating with how the clouds are constant.

I can’t see it, I can’t feel it.
But I’m hanging on, waiting for it to just hit me.
Forgive me
Love my faults.
Know this is just my surface.
Tell me when is enough, and when I can just be.



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