How about you?

Do you ever find yourself frustrated with the simple fact that life has a point and you are either too stupid to find it or just passed it by? In how many moments do we let our future pass us by? If you make the mistake of following the wrong path too many times is there any hope of correcting it? How do we know if our happiness in life is nothing more than just some path we settled for or if we are truly content? The reality is that no one knows or will ever know in a lifetime because we all have made mistakes. Anyone that lives with the attitude of “no regrets” is either completely naive or a liar.

But I guess that’s life- a series of challenges that either makes us or breaks us. One thing is for sure, it would be really sweet if there was someone we could ask for directions! It seems as though no one could offer the right answer; the sooner we learn to listen to our own gut, the sooner we find the point. But really, do we even know we’ve found it???

Maybe that is why my faith in Jesus’ life holds true…I can ask for directions but he never thunders down in an almighty voice to tell me where to go next. Instead, I am faced with life-altering decisions everyday! So, frustration aside, my life is special. The creation of each person plays a significant role in the way the world functions. We have all been chosen to co-exist on this planet for God’s purpose- not our own. I just aspire to find the reason I was chosen. How about you???


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