Flesh Market.

Magazines today are terrible. You need to feel beautiful in your own skin. Love Yourself & Be true to yourself. You need to “want to” work out, eat right, and look good to make you feel good. If you don’t look like a supermodel & are comfortable in your skin then good for you. If your not, change your lifestyle accordingly so you can be happy- don’t do it to be shallow & want to fit in with the crowd so you can get a guy to look twice at you. Really.

Some of the headlines on the magazine covers: “Diet – Lose a bikini size fast”, “So, how beautiful are you?”, “Lose your wine belly in 4 weeks”, “Drop a size in 4 weeks – makes women become a slave to fashion!”, and of course sex tips, sex guide, more sex tips, and another sex guide.

I mean if you are going to loose weight, loose it right & loose it the healthy weigh. I’m no supermodel myself. There are things I should be doing to better my life health wise, and physical wise, so I can be happier & I’m working on it. It’s not easy, especially when you know someone who has the metobolism you want. && It’s really not easy when a skinny person says “OMG I’m gaining weight or my ass is huge, or etc….” because I wonder, “Wow if that is what he/she is saying-then what do they think about me?”

So watch what you say around who you say it, and do it for yourself and others around you.

You magazine people can publish your magazines and fuel the insecurities of young women. But don’t you dare try and hold up your magazine as representing the ideals, dreams, and goals of the “new woman”.


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