While I fight away my fear
Always wishing you were here
Next to me, holding me close
Doing the things we love the most
You’re the only one I desire
The one that sets my heart on fire
Your scent, your taste, your touch
All the things I’d value so much
As I imagine your deep embrace
You are here in your rightful place
You’re my angel beneath the sky
And I’ll be with you until you die
My feelings for you I swear will never fade,
Take a look around at the world we have made.
I’ll be there to hold you when you’re depressed,
To stroke you head when you rest
I’ll still love you when you’re not near,
I’ll be there to fight your greatest fear
I swear I’ll never let you down
For you and your tots I’ll be around
One day they’ll see things in a different light
Together we can take our final flight


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